Episode 34: Genesis 23

The HeBrews Cafe: Episode 34: Genesis 23: Kevin and Rod bring to light some of the issues facing mankind today. Things such as rioting and pandemics.

Genesis 23 gives us a glimpse into how Godly men and women should handle similar adversity. As they dive into this chapter, you may be surprised to learn of some of the deeper meaning.

Abraham was a Godly man with a lot of power and might and yet he did not demand anything from others. He did not threaten to take anything from others. He offered and insisted on fair dealings with others.

Tune in and discover why God is not on the side of rioting and looting.

2 Replies to “Episode 34: Genesis 23”

  1. Tommy T

    I just love what you both bought across and I love you both and keep it straight and to the Bible and true learning. I just love that jewish guy lol.

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