• The Round Table

    This special episode brings together all of the Zinc Media Arts hosts as they discuss Covid-19, the Far East and a host of other topics of interest to our listeners.

  • The Roundtable

    CS, Kevin, Rod and Sheri gather to discuss the best of the past month. Update some of the stories and to tell you what to expect in the coming month ahead.

  • Episode 28

    HeBrews Cafe: Episode 28: Lot: What did Lot’s daughters do to him after the destruction of Sodom? Why did they do what they did? Kevin and Rod dive deep into […]

  • Episode 27

    HeBrews Cafe: Episode 26: We get even deeper into the cause and reason of the fabled cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • Episode 20

    Today we answer a rather tough question. It's actually a many part question. And this question actually comes from a Pastor who listens to the podcast. Why do we celebrate the Sabbath on a Sunday? Has it always been on a Sunday? This is our surprising biblical answer. Fair warning, Kevin and Rod disagree on a key point.

  • Episode 12

    June is Gay Pride Month all around the world. Kevin and Rod take on the sensitive topic of what the Bible says about Homosexuality. You may be surprised about what they find out and what their conclusion is.