About Us

Our Approach

Kevin and Rod believe the Word of God is real and has meaning even in today’s hectic world. They strive to break down His word chapter by chapter using scripture, logic and available knowledge that is often overlooked. They even give the original meaning of important words. Although Kevin is of the Jewish faith and Rod of the Christian faith, they both fully understand and have learned about both the Old and New Testament of the Bible and strive to stick as close to the original meaning of God’s intent as possible. Each episode is under an hour in length. The best part is they tell you all of what they know and have learned and if they don’t know something, they actually tell you. They read from the good books and invite you to follow along, word for word. Nothing is to be hidden or held back. Your comments and feedback are welcomed.

Our Story

Kevin and Rod became fast friends because of Rod’s live broadcast many years ago. As their friendship grew, they realized they both had a deep love of the same God. This podcast was born out of their desire to teach what they know and believe to be the true Word of God using the scriptures as intended in their original forms. They do not hold back and on occasion, they do not agree. What they were both adamant about is this podcast should not be boring and it should not hold back any punches. Every episode is powerful, full of their playful personalities and God’s true Word.

Your Hosts

Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson: During the day, Kevin is a Lieutenant with Madison County Sheriff Department, during his off-hours; he is the lead investigator and founder with the Madison County Paranormal Research Society and co-host of “The Buzz” radio show and was co-host of “The House of Mystery” with Al Warren, as a paranormal/true crime investigator. Now he hosts “Hebrews Café” With Rod Eccles. Kevin has been actively investigating paranormal activity and consulting for over 25 years, is a graduate of the pilot program of Dr. William Everist. As a co-founder of The Huntsville Ghost Walk, He has been interviewed numerous times for his expertise and is in high demand for his insightful investigations, spiritual insight, and love of new paranormal gadgetry. Joking that he is on “The low side of high tech” Kevin strives to bring his love of ghost hunting, storytelling and all things paranormal to the public, albeit with a rather sophomoric sense of humor. As a medium, Kevin attempts to aid those who are dealing with grief, dealing with paranormal phenomena and speaking for spirits who need a voice. He also had a short tenure in a military program studying remote viewing.

Rod Eccles TMC

Rod Eccles: During the day, Rod is an entrepreneur including being the Founder and CEO of Zinc Media Arts and Granite House 1880. Rod is also the host of the long-running Rod Eccles Show which is a broadcast about politics, current events, pop culture and “anything that crosses my mind”. Rod has also a Reverend in the Baptist faith. He does not pastor a church and he says “I went to school and got this designation because I was tired of being beat over the head with the bible by ministers who taught false doctrine”. His specialty is in Christian History. “I wanted to know WHY we believe what we believe and does that belief line up with the word of God.”

Next Steps…

Listen to the podcast. You can start from anywhere but it is recommended that you start from the beginning as this is an in-depth study book by book, chapter by chapter. Start listening now!